Winona Ryder And The Floating Pizza Video Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Winona Ryder And The Floating Pizza Video

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Actor David Harbour gave a passionate acceptance speech when he and the rest of the Stranger Things cast took the stage for winning Best Drama, but that wasn’t all that was holding the audience’s attention.

What was was Winona Ryder’s many comical facial expressions in response to Harbour’s speech, in which he addressed America’s current political climate.



They were so awesome that the Internet has wasted no time reincarnating them into GIFs, and Twitter users have expressed their gratitude.

Her expressions ranged from surprise to confusion to support and everything in between. I kinda think she looks wasted; her reactions are the over-animated type typical of someone who’s knocked back a few shots. Or maybe even smoked something backstage, as this creative video suggests:

Stranger Things co-star Gaton Matarazzo claims that she just “couldn’t hear what David was saying.”

What’s your verdict?

Watch Harbour’s anti-Trump speech below.

Video: XVideosMovieTrailers Via YouTube


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