Why Fingermouthing Is The Stupidest F*cking Pose I’ve Ever Seen

Fingermouthing Is The Stupidest F*cking Pose

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I recently came to notice this new trend that’s apparently not so new—looks like it popped up sometime last summer—where women pose with their fingers dangling in front of or around their mouths in their selfies.

Shows how in-the-loop I am since it’s apparently been a hot selfie trend for many months now. Regardless, I’ve just realized how prominent it is, and I’ve got to say that I think it’s the dumbest-looking pose I’ve seen since the duckface.

It’s supposed to be done so that the model appears as if she was caught off-guard, as if she wasn’t expecting the photo and the shot was snapped before she had a chance to move her hand. Riiight. (On that note it also reminds me of Dr. Evil. Not exactly alluring.)

From what I’ve seen it looks anything but casual; the pose oozes obvious calculation, especially when you can see their other arm reaching out to take the picture. Real “off-guard.”

Now, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a “right” way to do it; as Maxim magazine (obviously) says, it can be very sexy and seductive. Placing the tip of your index finger softly on your bottom lip or putting your fingernail gently between your teeth à la Marilyn Monroe, and making suggestive eye contact with the camera/viewer can look very sultry.

The main difference is that your finger has to be in your mouth to be sexy; it (or your entire hand) can’t just be hangin’ around the outside, otherwise it just looks dumb. Or like you’re trying to hide a pimple or a cold sore—which, by the way, you will likely get if you keep touching your face like that. Those so-called beauty bloggers who have also adopted the pose should know that.


Not sexy (though she is still a beautiful woman):

V nice

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burger please

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hap hap happppy ☺️ #tgif #fingermouthing

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The general consensus is that Kylie Jenner was the one to initiate fingermouthingShe explained in an interview with Elle UK that the pose was the result of her insecurity about her mouth:

“I was so insecure about my lips. Even now I always post photos where my finger is always in front of my mouth…it’s a habit. I would always cover my lips. I couldn’t even talk to people. Or guys. Like, [I’d be thinking]: ‘I know you’re looking at my lips, but you so don’t want to kiss me right now.’”

Kendall’s House

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That’s understandable and relatable: I had braces throughout the majority of high school, and I adopted the habit of covering my mouth when I laughed. Even after having them removed about 12 years ago, to this day I still catch myself doing that. So she’s off the hook, even though I think the above picture looks weird.

However, I do think the “fish gape” pose is much more natural-looking and attractive. Fish gape is where you simply pose with your mouth slightly open, showing a little teeth. It replaced the atrocious duckface a few years ago.


I wonder what the next selfie trend on Instagram will be…what do you think?

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