Sooo, Wanna Know What’s Wrong With Millennials?

What's Wrong With Millennials?

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I recently posted a video where Simon Sinek discusses what’s “wrong” with Millennials, and shared my thoughts and personal experiences on the matter.

The way I see it, every generation can point out what’s “wrong” with another generation. Sure, there are plenty of things that Millennials can work on—less social media, less cell phones usage, more real-time interaction with people etc. But it is difficult to deviate from those things when you have grown up with them, when society and the media are saturated with them.

Think about it: technology and social media are things that have bombarded our generation. People can now be social media managers, for instance, so how does one go about using something less that’s been so ingrained into our existence that we can make a career out of it?

Also, I think that some (key word: some) of the sense of “entitlement” many Millennials feel or are accused of feeling stems from the fact that growing up, we were told that if we worked hard, got good grades in high school, attended university and graduated with a degree, we would be basically guaranteed a good job—liveable pay, benefits, the whole nine yards. Because that’s how it went for previous generations. That was drilled into my head by family, teachers and guidance counsellors. Then we left university, only to enter a very unstable workforce where a degree alone just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

So in that sense, can you really blame them/us for feeling a little shafted?

This is why I think a lot of Millennials are venturing off into less traditional avenues, exploring more creative career and lifestyle options. Living in a van. Backpacking. Starting their own businesses. Just to name a few.

I’m not excusing Millennials entirely, and I realize that these are not the only challenges Millennials face. I think the point that other generations, and this video, are trying to make is that Millennials need to learn to navigate around their challenges. In other words, we need to consciously make an effort to not let them—social media, technology, entitlement etc.— take over our lives. Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. Just like other generations worked to overcome their downfalls.

And that’s done by first acknowledging that we are not perfect, something that most in the video below didn’t do.

Bottom line, no one is perfect.

That being said, this video is quite funny. The majority of Millennials who were asked to explain what’s wrong with their generation immediately became defensive, and media analyst Mark Dice mocked them for needing a “safe space” to talk. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Video: Mark Dice Via YouTube


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