#FreeMelania Triggered After Video Of Melania Trump Looking Miserable Goes Viral

Video of Melania Trump Looking Miserable

Photo: Daily Mail

It’s only been a few days since Trump’s inauguration and, since then, there’s been an abundance of memes, GIFs, videos, and criticisms over just about every aspect of the whole ordeal.

Here’s another to add to that repertoire.

A video of Melania Trump looking downright miserable during her husband’s inauguration has been making the rounds on the internet, prompting a #FreeMelania hashtag due to conspiracy theorists saying that it looks as though she’s being held hostage.

Video: pacoromane Via YouTube

During the ceremony, North Carolina Rev. Franklin Graham tells Trump: “It’s my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration and may He bless America.”

Trump turns around to smile at his wife, and she returns the smile fully (or maybe he demanded her to) until he turns back around and her smile is immediately replaced by a look of absolute despair.

It seems to say, “I can’t believe I have to continue with this charade,” triggering Twitter users to do what they do best: make fun of the situation.

Even the other photos of them taken during the inauguration lunch remind me of a woman being forced to put on a smile to keep up appearances and to placate her husband. It’s an all-too-relatable look. The woman looks like she’s thinking about how much she wants to eat, but he won’t let her.

Then again, there’s always a chance it doesn’t reflect anything, that maybe she was just tired of standing in her high heels, in the rain, or dreading the long day ahead filled with many meetings and dances to attend and the understandable exhaustion that comes along with that. It could all be blown out of proportion.

We do love to speculate, especially when it comes to Trump.

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