Tomi Lahren Grapples With Rick Wilson On “Real Time”

Tomi Lahren Grapples With Rick Wilson

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Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher featured The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren. Lahren, a conservative commentator, struggled during her debut appearance on the show.

Faced by much opposition from the other panel members, she found herself in the uncomfortable position of defending President Trump’s first two weeks in office, which GOP strategist Rick Wilson boldly described as a “bullshit tornado.”

Wilson pointed out that Trump is now going to have to make good on his promise to create jobs (for the lower-middle working class white, which is where his strongest supporters came from), and that he can’t just “Tweet and bullshit [his] way out of it.”

“Call me crazy but there is a big difference between actual job creation and policies that get the economy lit up and a bullshit tornado,” he added.

Lahren piped up, saying that she thought Rick was a Republican, to which Wilson shot back, “I’m actually a conservative too. That’s the difference between me and Trump people.”

They went on to discuss the decisions made by Congress to rescind Obama’s order making it illegal to dump pollutants into water. Lahren defended it by saying that it allows coal miners to keep their jobs.

Wilson challenged her by explaining that Trump’s view is outdated:

“There’s a kind of hazy nostalgia with Trump’s plan, ‘We’re going to have ironworks and shipyards and coal miners. These are things—we might as well get our buggy-whip industry back together again. It’s this retrospective, fake past that doesn’t exist anymore. And, God bless them, they work their asses off, and you know what, natural gas took their jobs, not Barack Obama.”

Lahren was on the receiving end of Wilson’s wrath again when she claimed that white people and black people face equal amounts of discrimination. He was quick to respond: “Since I’m a conservative and not a Trump person, let me say this, that’s absurd. That’s f*cking crazy.”

Watch a clip from the show below.

Video: Real Time with Bill Maher Via YouTube


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