Video Showing Tigers Playing With Drone Has A Dark Side

Tigers Playing With Drone Has A Dark Side

Photo: KVCR

Here’s proof that a 700lbs cat is still a just a playful kitty. An “ambush” (that’s what a group of tigers is fittingly called) of tigers are caught on China Central Television (CCCTV) chasing and taking down an exercise drone in this wicked video.

Reporters were trying to get footage of the animals romping around in the snow in their enclosure in China’s Heilongjiang Province, when they witnessed a quadcopter meet it’s unfortunate demise. The drone makes the mistake of flying a little too low, and one of the tigers takes a huge leap at it, knocking it out of the sky.  A few more join in on ripping it apart until it starts to smoke, at which point staff members enter the enclosure to retrieve the remains.

The video also shows the point-of-view of the drone as the massive cats hunt it down with intensity I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of.

Wall Street Journal Via YouTube

But big cats are still just cats at heart—take this cute video of another tiger embracing the “if I fits I sits” motto, as another example:


What is it with cats a boxes?

While videos such as these are cute and fun to watch, it is important to remember that there is a dark side. According to John R. Platt, the Chinese media often share cute videos such as this one as propaganda to hide the reality that these cats are being raised in a slaughterhouse—not a sanctuary. As mentioned, the video is shot in China’s Heilongjiang Province, home to Harbin Siberian Tiger Park, which has been pinpointed as one of the largest tiger-breeding centres in the country. Tigers there are bred for their meat and bones—staples in Chinese medicine—as well as their pelts for fashion purposes.

So just remember, the animals shown here are beautiful, majestic, and cute as they romp around chasing a flying object much like a domestic house cat, but they are housed in a place that will inevitably slaughter them to make money.

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