The Donkey Assassin

Down in Southern California a man by the name of Steve Hipps has a different way of eliminating those pesky coyotes, and he doesn’t need a gun or a pack of herding dogs. He just needs his good old donkey, Buck. Buck is on the ball when it comes to eradicating predators like coyotes.

At one point Buck shared his pasture with a female donkey, but when she had babies Hipps decided Buck would have it all to himself.

Hipps told Georgia Outdoor News (GON), “ I just wanted something in there to keep the grass eaten down, and I’ve always loved donkeys.”

Hipps’ neighbour, who happens to be his cousin, called one afternoon and warned him coyotes where headed towards his pasture.

Buck had already taken care of business by the time Hipps reached the pasture.

“By the time I got over there, Buck was stomping the coyote, then he reached down and picked him up by the neck and started slinging him like a rag doll. I grabbed my phone and got two pictures.”


The strange thing is that coyotes normally don’t stalk their prey during daylight hours, but this one particular coyote hand been scouting the pasture as of late, and sure messed with the wrong donkey.

The moral of the story here is Buck doesn’t take any crap!

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