The Tallest Bridge In The World Is Now Open To Traffic. It May Scare You!

Tallest Bridge In The World

Photo: Metro

The Beipanjiang Bridge in China is now the tallest bridge in the world and it’s now open to traffic for the first time.

The bridge is 1,341 meters long and connects the provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou. It stands a staggering 1,854 feet above the Nizhu River Gorge.

The bridge carries 4 lanes of traffic between the two provinces and also connects a highway between the cities of Liupanshui and Xuianwei.

The bridge involved over 1,000 engineers and technicians since the construction began in 2013. Costing over a billion Yuan (193 million CAD), when you look at the bridge it’s not so hard to believe. Just check out the video.

The previous record holder and now the second tallest bridge is also in China. The Sidu River Bridge stands 1,640 feet above a river.

Video: CNN Live Via YouTube


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