Stephen Colbert And Leslie Mann Have A “Family Sit-Down” With Viewers

Stephen Colbert And Leslie Mann

Photo: Yahoo

Stephen Colbert considers himself to be your stereotypical “dad,” and in this case, he’s America’s dad.

With President Trump in office and America in a state of political upheaval at the moment, he thought it would be wise to have a “family sit-down” to discuss the current changes and offer some words of encouragement.

However, he of course cannot address without Mom, so he brought in Leslie Mann to play that part because she does it oh-so-well.

“We just want to tell you that everything is going to be ok,” Mommy Mann says.

“We want to tell you that, but we can’t,” Daddy Colbert added.

“But this helps,” Mann noted, taking a long sip from her glass of “mommy juice.”

Like typical parents, they didn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics like body talk and politics:

“We know you’re getting curious about sex,” Colbert says.

“Remember, what you do with your body is between you and your partner. And Mike Pence,” stresses Mann.

Video: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Via YouTube

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