Why Sleeping Naked Is Better For You

Sleeping Naked Is Better For You

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Ah, sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep? Everyone knows it’s vital to our health and wellbeing, and sleep deficiency can be detrimental. We often look for ways to improve our sleep quality (especially when quantity is not as easy to obtain), and one such way is by sleeping naked.

I have long been a fan of sleeping sans clothes. There’s nothing worse than getting tangled up in a mass of sheets and pajamas or waking up being strangled by your shirt. I find PJ’s restrictive, hot, and annoying.

Sleeping naked makes me feel freer and more relaxed, and I definitely get a better sleep when in the nude than when I’m forced to wear clothing.


Now I have scientific proof to back me up. There are psychological and physical health benefits to sleeping in your birthday suit:

1. It improves the skin’s repair process

Sleeping naked allows the skin to repair itself more efficiently; your sebaceous glands will function optimally, your skin will absorb nutrients more quickly. As a result of this, your metabolic rate will improve.

2. It reduces pain

Going nude stimulates your circulation, which mitigates pain, especially in the abdominal area. Makes sense, since the restrictive feeling of an elastic band around your waist is anything but comfortable.

3. It boosts your energy

No clothing means a better chance at a good night’s rest, which will in turn boost your energy levels come morning. Winning!

4. It makes you feel a little more frisky

This applies whether you’re sleeping alone or not. Skin to skin contact initiates release of the feel-good “bonding” hormone oxytocin. So when you roll over and brush up against your partner, you might start to feel a little…playful. As a result, your heart rate lowers, and your feelings of trust and connectivity are strengthened. This can occur if you’re sleeping alone as well, as feeling your skin can have a similar effect.

5. It ups the amount of sex you’ll have

Kinda goes hand-in-hand with the above, but being naked already increases the likelihood that you’ll have sex because, hey, you’re both already naked!

6. It promotes weight loss and has anti-aging benefits

Sleeping in the nude decreases cortisol levels, which helps ward off extra pounds. It also increases the release of growth hormone and melatonin, both of which have anti-aging benefits.

7. It prevents bacteria growth

If you’re sleeping naked, you’re less likely to get too hot and sweat. This keeps your body dry and comfortable and thus prevents the growth of yeast and bacteria.

8. It improves your self-confidence

Think about it. Spending more time in the buff allows you to become more comfortable with your body and build up your self-esteem, which will reflect in your everyday life.

9. It improves your overall sleep quality

Your body temperature naturally drops when you sleep, but wearing clothes can disrupt this cycle, causing you to toss and turn throughout the night. A cooler body temp is essential for a good night’s rest. So nix the clothing and look forward to a more restful sleep!

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