Watch This Hot New Clip From Sexy Elevator Scene In 50 Shades Darker

Here’s a little tantalizing treat for you ladies: the latest clip from the sexy elevator scene in 50 Shades Darker.

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades Darker will be released. As you may know, I have mixed feelings about the franchise.

On one hand, I don’t condone the glorification of abusive relationships, which I believe the series does.

On the other, I don’t mind watching sexy scenes, explicit ones at that, which there aren’t too many of in movies geared towards women.

Not like the ones we see in 50 Shades.

Yes, because I am an uninvolved onlooker I can separate myself from the broader context of abuse and just enjoy the sex scenes themselves.

In other words, I put that shit aside and just enjoy the sex.

Having said all that, I give to you the latest clip from the movie. Watch Christian (Jamie Dornan) finger Anna (Dakota Johnson) in a very crowded elevator…

I dare you not to get a rise out of it.

Video: Fifty Shades Via YouTube 


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