Check Out The Seriously Cool New Power Rangers Movie Trailer!

The inner child in me is just bursting with joy today. First, Disney reveals how every Pixar film is connected, effectively making it difficult for me to be productive today because all I want to do is binge watch Disney movies.

Now, I’ve just seen the new Power Rangers movie trailer, and it’s pretty freakin’ cool. The Rangers got a serious uniform upgrade.

I remember watching these guys on TV when I was like 6 or 7, and rewatching the first movie multiple times. Naturally, I had a huge crush on Tommy, the White Ranger.

New Power Rangers Movie Trailer

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Lionsgate has released the second trailer for the latest Power Rangers movie, three months after the initial teaser trailer, with only two months to go until it hits theatres on March 24th.

The plot follows the usual Power Rangers storyline—a group of highschool kids stumble upon a “spaceship” and learn that their small town of Angel Grove, and the world, are in danger of obliteration by alien outsiders. After mysteriously developing superhuman powers, they soon realize that they are the chosen ones to save the planet.

The new cast includes:

Dacre Montgomery as the Jason the Red Ranger

RJ Cyler as Billy the Blue Ranger

Naomi Scott as Kimberly the Pink Ranger

Becky G as Trini the Yellow Ranger

Ludi Lin as Zack the Black Ranger

Bill Hadar voicing Alpha 5

Bryan Cranston as Zordon

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Video: Lionsgate Movies Via YouTube

I’m sure there will be fans of the original series who are ecstatic over this remake, just as I’m sure there will be fans who will analyze, pick apart, and argue about details. Regardless, in this day and age, with the technology and computer graphics available to producers, it goes without saying that a Power Rangers remake is a lucrative move, but it’s also going to be entertaining as hell to watch.

Especially for kids. Kids are gonna love it.

And so will the young-at-heart.


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