Ryan Gosling’s Wax Figure Is Creepy As Hell

Ryan Gosling's Wax Figure

Photo: E!

Ryan Gosling’s wax figure was unveiled yesterday at Madame Tussaud’s museum in Berlin, and his fans couldn’t be more displeased:

The figure does resemble Gosling, but in a creepy-cousin kind of way—the eyes are too close together, the forearms are weirdly shiny, the face is too long and pointy. It’s dressed in plain brown slacks and a light blue button-down that just oozes eerie drivers-ed teacher.

Let’s take a closer look:

Ryan Gosling's Wax Figure

Photo: Celebuzz


Naaat good.

That aside, I’m fairly certain that ALL wax figures are just creepy as f*ck.  Rachel on Twitter agrees:

On the plus side, the La La Land star received an Oscar nomination this morning, so he may not have a dashing new representation of himself in wax form, but he does have that going for him.

And while this rendering doesn’t do Gosling much justice, in 2014 Madame Tussaud’s debuted it’s first Gosling wax figure, and this one does a far better job capturing the actor’s handsomeness. Dressed to the nines in a navy blue suit and black bow tie, this version captures his ridiculously good looks perfectly.

Ryan Gosling's Wax Figure

Photo: E!

Definitely more like it!


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