Rescue Pit Bull Puts Her 11 Puppies In Woman’s Lap

Stevoni Wells Doyle found herself buried under 11 wiggling, squealing little pups when her rescue pit bull, Grayce, placed them one by one into her lap.

Grayce had been neglected in her previous home, and needed a safe, happy environment for herself and her offspring.

Doyle said that she thought Grayce might feel unsure of herself as a new mom, and this is why she brought them to her. Doyle has fostered many animals before, but never has something like this happened.

“I was honoured that she chose me to trust with her pups and herself,” Doyle says. “I’m still overwhelmed with her love.”

You can watch the video below, and while it’s cute as hell, I kinda think that Grayce was actually overwhelmed herself and seemed to be saying “I can’t handle all these by myself! You take ’em!”

What do you think?

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