The Real Reason Melania’s Face Fell When Trump Turned Around

A few days ago the #FreeMelania hashtag went viral after a video of her smiling at Trump but dropping it into a miserable scowl the second he turned around surfaced. The video was accompanied by snapshots of the couple looking unhappy AF during the inauguration lunch, prompting people to worry for her well-being.

Now, some watchful Twitter users believe they know why her smile dropped so quickly: they think that Trump was actually smiling at his daughter, Ivanka, and completely ignoring his wife. Trump choosing his daughter over his wife seems plausible given his tendency to make inappropriate comments about Ivanka.

If you watch the video more closely, you will see Ivanka tilt her head behind Melania and smile at her father. Ivanka even raises her eyebrows in a creepy suggestive way. So it might be that Melania thought Trump would smile at her too, so she continued to smile like a fool waiting for her husband to connect with her, but he never did and instead turned around without acknowledging her. That’s when she looked down in embarrassment/hurt.

What do you think? Are we all just reading too much into this?

Video: MegaJeremyFisher Via YouTube


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