What Is Up With This Weird Trend Of Putting Makeup On Your Thighs?

Makeup on Your Thighs

Photo: Teen Vogue

It seems everytime I turn around there’s some weird ass trend evolving, usually on Instagram or having to do with selfies.

I just discovered the “thigh brow” one—which is the line that forms above your thighs from your skin folding over your thighs when you sit, kneel or bend over.


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It’s supposed to be more “body positive” than the thigh gap, because every girl has it whereas thigh gaps are only seen on woman of a certain body shape.

There’s a name for nearly every damn aspect of a woman’s body.

Anyways, I have stumbled upon this other odd trend that seems to be giving the term “thigh brow” a whole new meaning: some women have taken to applying a full “face” of makeup to their thighs, complete with contouring and false eyelashes.

It’s not exactly a new thing either—women were doing this last year.

Say hello to my thighs. Am i mutating? Lolz! #face #art #thighface

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I know. What.the.f*ck.

#thighmakeup 🎨❤️

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Granted, their makeup skills are still pretty impressive, and I guess it could be a good way to practise new techniques and colours and whatnot without having to wash and rewash your face after every f*ckup.

But it’s still strange.

This trend doesn’t have a specific name yet, although some are hashtagging it with #thighface or #thighmakeup, but apparently it might be even more of a thing in 2017.

If I were to attempt it, mine would end up looking more like this:

Last week at #despicableme2 #thighface #indifferent @conner_reeb

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