This Pic Of Justin Trudeau’s Bum Has The Internet All Hot And Bothered

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been a cause for many school-girl-like giggles since he took office in November 2015. He is all kinds of handsome, and I think it’s safe to say his physical attributes are a favourite amongst the ladies (and some men).


A pic of Trudeau’s bum—let me clarify—a flattering pic of him standing with a leg up in a form-fitting pair of slacks, the light from above radiating down on him like some wonderful gift to us all—has made it’s way around the internet (seriously, WHO took this photo!? Lucky bastard had the perfect view), and it’s got everyone all riled up.

A little harmless objectification, anyone?

Regardless of the very, very important political issues he was no doubt discussing here, all eyes were on his backside.

Twitter has exploded with hilarious reactions that got me keeled over in laughter.

Who doesn’t love a good-looking leader?




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