Could Paul Walker Have Survived? New Series Uncovers Details About His Death

We all remember the day in 2013 that beloved Fast & Furious  actor Paul Walker was killed in a horrifying car accident.

Riding as passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, his friend and pro race car driver Roger Rogas driving, Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.


People have questioned how this accident could have possibly occurred when both Walker and Rodas were highly experienced race car drivers, especially on a quiet, deserted street.

Well now, a new series on called Paul Walker: Collision Course delves into the details surrounding the accident to reveal whether he could have lived.


During a sneak peak of the series, attorney Craig McClellan said that Walker was trapped in the car when it was engulfed in flames. He didn’t die on impact as Rodas did; he was breathing as evidenced by the soot found in his trachea.

“He was breathing, and he wasn’t able to get out because he was strapped in,” added McClellan. “It was a survivable collision.”

The series also looks into why police ignored an onlookers eyewitness account as well.


“When the police were here, I told them exactly what I saw and I gave them my story and they took it,” eyewitness Abe Rodriguez said on camera. “They wrote it down and that was that.”

However, the police report clearly stated that there were no eyewitnesses. They also chose security cameras that were no good. 


“This industrial area has cameras everywhere. There are cameras all over. Nobody bothered pulling them out to see what happened,” Rodriguez said. “I know what I saw!”

So could Walker have survived the crash? And why did police ignore an eyewitness account? You’ll have to watch the Reelz special to find out!

Here’s a preview of the series:

Video: ReelzChannel Via YouTube

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