Budget Travellers: Journey Across the U.S. In This $213 Train Ride

Do you want to travel across America but don’t have the time, patience or the will to plan a road trip yourself? Or perhaps you don’t want to put the miles on your car, risk roadside breakdowns, or spend hundreds of dollars on gas?

Well now, thanks to travel expert and blogger Derek Low, you can travel by train in a Some Like It Hot fashion for just $213 USD.

Low has designed the 3,400 mile trip to begin in San Francisco and end in New York. It will take you through cities such as Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, and you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Rockies, Sierra Nevada mountains, and many more. He argues that it is the most scenic and historic of train routes in America.

For the most Instagram-worthy views, sit in the “Sightseer lounge car,” which features floor-to-ceiling windows and large, comfy chairs. Narration from historians and park rangers are also offered so that travellers can learn about the areas they are passing through.

Journey Across the U.S. In This $213 Train Ride

Photo: BuzzFeed

Want to do a little more exploring? You also have the option to extend your trip so that you can stop and meander through the cities along the way. You will need to purchase separate tickets for each leg, however.

Low took the extended trip himself in December 2011. Be sure to check out the details of his journey on his website!

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