The New Belle Doll Is Here—And It Looks More Like Justin Bieber Than Emma Watson

New Belle Doll Is Here—And It Looks Like Justin Bieber

Photo: Metro

The much-anticipated live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  has generated a lot of buzz lately—releasing an extended trailer and a clip of Emma Watson, who plays Belle, singing “Something There.”

Disney, naturally, got busy producing new merchandise to go along with the movie. Obviously the top model would be Belle, however, the company released a version of the Disney Princess that has social media blowing up with laughter and ridicule.

The new Belle doll is suppose to bear likeness to Emma Watson, but it is far from a flattering rendition of the actress. Rather, it resembles pop star Justin Bieber—and the Internet is going crazy over it.

Clearly, whoever was in charge of designing the doll needs their eyes checked. The massive forehead alone is enough to make anyone laugh, but the uncanny resemblance to the Biebs is pretty damn funny.

Some people have other thoughts regarding the doll’s depiction. Many Twitter users described it as “creepy,” “horrifying,” and atrocious.” Others have some more comical reactions:


I too, can’t stop laughing!

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