Musicians Sign Letter Supporting DAPL Protestors

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Most people have surely caught wind of the events that have been taking place at Standing Rock, but alot of people still don’t understand exactly what is going on. It has been said that the media is slacking on the coverage of the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. It has also been said that one of the things we can do to help is make use of social media to inform the public of that which the mainstream media will not. With tensions rising, the truth is nonetheless starting to seep through the cracks with the help of celebrities using their status to get the plea for the cessation of the DAPL into the mainstream discourse.

There was political activist Van Jones‘ appearance on Chelsea (see video below)in which he clarified the cause of the protest: “They were going to put the pipeline through a white town, and the white people said, ‘Hell no!’” So the Dakota Access company decided to route it through a Native American reservation instead. “And it turns out that the land that they’re putting it on is some of the most sacred land for Native Americans in the world,” he continued.

So, despite the fact that there are now thousands of people out in the freezing cold peacefully protesting, getting sprayed with ice cold water and bombed with tear gas and shot with rubber bullets from the police, for some reason, the media isn’t discussing it all that much. The need for awareness is becoming increasingly pivotal.


Now, more than 100 musicians have signed a letter supporting DAPL protestors at Standing Rock. Concerned about the lack of media coverage of the protest, singer Kate Nash drafted up the the letter to President Obama, the Department of Justice, and the Army Corp of Engineers, urging them to put an end to the violence. Kate told Noisey: “I want to write a letter for musicians to sign, expressing how disturbed they are by the police actions taking place at Standing Rock. We as the music community should not support the police there. We should take a stand.”

The letter has been signed by many well-known names such as Alicia Keys, Mark Ronson, Sia, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. While it shouldn’t be necessary to have celebrities speak up in order for a difference to be made, it goes without saying that the effort is well appreciated.

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