Mom Looks So Young People Think She’s Her Daughters’ Sister

Mom Looks So Young

Photo: Mirror

Can you tell which one is the mother?

Natalie Wardell, 45, and her daughters Jazmyne, 21, and Tamika, 19, are often mistaken as all sisters. See for yourself how Mrs. Wardell doesn’t quite come close to looking her age in the photo below.

Trying to look all sexy n shit #ducklipsfordays

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“It’s funny when we’re walking around somewhere and she yells out Mom,” Mrs. Wardell said. “Everyone looks around as if to say, ‘Who on earth are you talking to?'”

Even funnier is the fact that sometimes people ask if Jazmyne is Natalie’s mom. Can you imagine? That would get under my skin just a little bit.

Can’t wait to be partying up in Canberra next weekend with my Mumma 👸🏼 #summmernats #tookeeen

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The trio spend a lot of time together, attending car shows, festivals, and nightclubs. Mrs.Wardell told the Daily Mail Australia that she and her daughters are “the best of friends.”

Mardi Gras @jazmynewardell @tamikawardell_

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They admit that the constant comparisons do get a little monotonous, but being that most people only mean well, they don’t let it get to them. Especially when not-so-nice strangers accuse Mrs.Wardell of trying to copy her daughters: “…I’ve had long blonde hair since I was 15. It’s just genetics.”

Pictured below: Natalie, left, Jazmyne, middle and Tamika, right.

Happy 21st to my girl! A few sore heads today 😂 @jazmynewardell @tamikawardell_

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Whatever she’s doing to maintain a youthful appearance and mentality, it’s working. Even better is the closeness that she and her family share!

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