Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Got Married. Maybe.

Rumours are flying around that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married after her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, posted a pic of her on Instagram.

In this photo, she’s beaming in a white, flowing, lacy dress and the caption reads “I’m so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus.”

I’m so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus.

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Fans left a ton of comments, such as “Congrats on the wedding, hopefully next will come a bigger family,” “looks like Miley and Liam got married secretly,” and “The white dress though…hopping on the secret wedding theory bandwagon.”


Ontop of that, the singer is taking a out-of-character break from social media—she hasn’t posted anything to Instagram in 9 days and even longer on Twitter—prompting fans to speculate that she’s on her honeymoon. Because what else could she possibly be doing?

The pair reconciled in January 2016, and since then have seemed very much in love. Considering that they are engaged (again), it’s not a far-fetched assumption.

However, Billy Ray cleared things up, sort of, in his way, by reposting the pic with a new caption that read, “Whoa! Don’t jump the gun. Been at work #StillTheKing Glad to see so many love @MileyCyrus the same as I do #happy.”


Sooo, it doesn’t look like they got hitched, much to many fans disappointment. But, according to Life & Style, they are planning a Himalayan wedding this summer.

“Miley has a real hippie side and wants to embrace that rather than spending millions,” an for Life & Style insider revealed. “She wants to focus on the spiritual side of marriage and is very interested in Hinduism, so she is looking at locations in Nepal, where Hinduism is a way of life.”

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