Men Break Woman’s Leg Because She “Asked Them To”

Of all the shit I’ve seen in my day, WTF is this!?

This video has gone viral for whatever reason. Let’s just say this is all kinds of stupid, so prepare yourself.

In this video a young woman decides it would be a good idea to have two gentleman jump on and break her leg.

Of course these two young lads decide they will have to oblige this young ladies’ request and assist her in breaking her leg. Seriously.

She places her leg straight out on the bench. One guy gives her a shoulder to lean on while the other climbs up on the railing like he’s a professional wrestler about to finish the match.

Once the young man decides it’s as good a time as any, he leaps down on her leg, snapping it, and yes you get to watch this gruesome moment. The damn thing was 90 degrees the wrong way, I have absolutely no idea what would cause someone to want to do something so agonizingly painful to themselves.


Although the woman did apparently ask these you young men to break her leg, my question is why in your right mind would you do this to another human being? But I guess that’s just it—apparently none of these people were in their right mind.

Reports say they were drunk and it’s also been speculated that drugs were involved. I mean, we’ve all done some stupid shit when drunk, but this is a bit much.

At least the gents had the decency to pick her up and dust her off afterwards. Everything about this video has me shaking my head wondering what’s wrong with people.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

Video: GoingViral Via YouTube

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