McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Is Coming To Canada!


McDonald's All Day Breakfast

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It has happened. The thing we’ve all been waiting for: McDonald’s all day breakfast is finally, FINALLY coming to Canada!

No, I’m not f*cking with you. It’s very real my friends. Time to do a little dance.


According to Richard Southern from 680 News, the fast food joint will be testing it out in Ajax and Whitby, to start. Lucky bastards.

I mean really? A test run? Is that actually necessary? You know it’s going to be a hit; it’s already been available in the U.S. for more than a year and has boosted earnings, so why don’t they just cut the crap and start serving up McGriddles and hashbrowns all day, ‘eeer day?

That little inconvenience aside, it is a plus that, soon, no longer will you be dragging your hungover ass to McDonald’s at the crack of dawn or trying to race the clock to get your Egg McMuffin.

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