Man’s Kids Bust In On His Serious BBC Skype Interview

Working from home can have it’s advantages: you have a food-filled kitchen and coffee at your disposal and you don’t have get out of your pj’s (most of the time.)

But when you have kids, it can be a bit more of a challenge.

While giving a live webcam interview about South Korea on BBC World News, correspondent Robert E. Kelly was interrupted by his children.


First, a toddler in pigtails and glasses bounced in all happy-go-lucky; then a baby rolled on in behind her in a walker.

Kelly apologies, and a woman comes dashing in to retrieve the kids, knocking shit over in the midst. His facial expression is priceless as she literally drags the toddler by her arm out the door.

Then, she crawls back in on her hands and knees to shut the door.

It’s the funniest f*king thing ever. I had trouble writing this post because my vision was blurred from the tears from laughing so damn much!

Watch for yourself.

Video: Connor Pearson Via YouTube

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