Kim Kardashian Shares Old Pic Of Daughter In Black Lipstick & Some People Can’t Deal

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to sharing family pics on social media, but the latest one has some people criticizing her. Which she’s also not a stranger to.

She recently posted a pic on Instagram of her three-year-old daughter, North, wearing black lipstick, and some people just aren’t having it.

Goth Nori

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One said, “Goth Nori…stupid mom.”

Another, “She’s 3 not 20.”

And another, “Never too young to teach them they’re not good enough as they are,” and included a handclap emoji.

Others jumped to her defence, pointing out that kids play “dress up” with their mother’s makeup, jewellery and clothes all the time, and one said it’s “beautiful mother and daughter time.”

It seems that people don’t realize that it’s the same pic that North’s aunt, Kylie Jenner got slammed for last year. Kim just reposted it.


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