JLo And Drake Seem To Confirm Their Status As A Couple

For the past month JLo and Drake have been playing an “are they or aren’t they game” in regards to their togetherness as an official couple. Rumours first began to fly when Drake attended Lopez’s residency concert in Las Vegas at the beginning of December.

Now the pair have both uploaded the same lovey-dovey image of them on their Instagram pages, with zero explanation, generating even more buzz.

In the photo, 30-year-old Drake is seen wrapping his arms around the 47-year-old JLo in what appears to be an intimate embrace on a couch.

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Fans of the duo are quick to point out that both are single—JLo having split from longtime boyfriend Beau “Casper” Smart in August, and Drake and Rhianna’s summer romance having come to an end. Perhaps Rhianna is aware of something the general public is not—i.e. that there’s more images of the like to come—since she just unfollowed JLo on Instagram this passed weekend.

TMZ speculates that this image is just too good to be true and nothing more than “genius marketing,” as they have confirmed that they are working on new music together.

Whether it’s true or not, I’m sure this isn’t the last of fire-fueling images we will see.

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