Jim Breuer Absolutely Nails This Impression Of ACDC

As someone who loves rock music, I appreciate a good effort to replicate a band’s sound to pay tribute to their awesomeness. I mean, nothing beats the real thing; authenticity is what it’s all about. But if a band or a singer can just f*ckin crush it, I’m always impressed.

I’ve heard some awesome impressions before—take this female opera singer for instance. Her ACDC cover of Highway to Hell gave me chills!

Then there’s my favourite rock tribute band, The Carpet Frogs. They cover everything from Elvis to Led Zeppelin to Johnny Cash—and absolutely nail them all.

Nothing gets me pumped faster than good music.

So when I heard this comedian’s impression of ACDC, I was quite surprised. Not only did he perfectly impersonate lead singer Brian Johnson and lead guitarist Angus Young, but he pointed out one very simple fact:

“You can never understand anything he [Johnson] says, but it sounds so awesome.”

Right you are, my friend. Breuer’s impression was so good that it had me laughing AND itching to go to another ACDC concert.

It was so good, in fact, that I think Breuer should have been the one to step in as lead singer instead of Axl Rose when Johnson fell ill. 

Just sayin’.

Video: Richard Khan Jr Via YouTube


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