Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Hurl Insults At Each Other

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Hurl Insults At Each Other

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The faux feud between Passengers co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt carries on humorously in this video of them engaging in a round of “Playground Insults” on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. The show pits celebrities against each other to see who can break the other into a fit of laughter first by spewing out personal insults. Lawrence and Pratt are not afraid to get personal!

Pratt almost breaks Lawrence with his first shot: “Why did they call it ‘Joy’?” But Lawrence has some bite of her own: “Where do you keep your Oscar?”

Watch as the two have at each other.

Video: BBC Radio 1 Via YouTube


The duo’s antics have been circulating the Internet lately, both of them sharing a similar flippant sense of humour. Pratt has adopted the habit of cropping half of Lawrence’s face out of his Instagram pics during the press tour for Passengers.

Lawrence, however, got her revenge on Pratt on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live when she brought in a tour bus with a Passengers ad on the side. She and Kimmel proceeded to have a little fun by defiling Pratt’s face with spray paint.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live Via YouTube


What will Pratt do to retaliate next? We’ll have to wait and see!


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