Jackson O’Doherty Turns His Best Friend’s Car Into A Pool

Jackson O'Doherty Turns His Best Friend's Car Into A Pool

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We’ve featured the antics of Australian social media entertainer Jackson O’Doherty before—and I’m sure we will continue to do so—because him and his mates are just that funny.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: how these guys remain friends AND roommates after all the shit they pull on each other is beyond me. But, all the power to them! It definitely makes for some great entertainment.

These guys are known for pulling some of the most awful—albeit hilarious—pranks on eachother. The latest video shows Jackson exacting revenge on his best friend Shammi for turning his car into a Christmas sleigh. So what does Jackson do? He f*cks up Shammi’s car in return by turning it into a pool!

I am forever mystified by men’s behaviour in such instances, but it’s always a good laugh. My favourite are the flying kicks that come out of nowhere.


Watch the video below to see Jackson and his buddies turn Shammi’s car into a pool and proceed to party on. I must say, Shammi’s reaction is rather subdued—probably because he was expecting such revenge after the havoc he wreaked on Jackon’s car.

Video: Jackson O’Doherty Via YouTube


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