The Internet Is Loving Michelle Obama’s Facial Expressions At Trump’s Inauguration

Michelle Obama's Facial Expressions

Photo: Blavity

Arguably, for some people, one of the best things about Trump’s inauguration yesterday was Michelle Obama’s facial expressions. She served up a few candid looks throughout the day that has kept people talking.

Camera’s caught her giving some serious “side-eye” throughout the ceremony. Some Twitter users even hilariously dubbed her look “the Jim Halpert, and they poked fun at Melania for allegedly “borrowing” Michelle’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

It began when the Obamas met with Trump and Melania prior to the ceremony on the White House steps. Melania surprised the outgoing First Lady with a Tiffany-wrapped gift box, and Michelle awkwardly scrambled to find a place to set it down so they could take a group photo together.

Obama noticed his wife’s struggle and quickly took the gift off her hands.

Video: Business Insider Via YouTube

Later, as Trump took the oath of office and delivered his speech, anyone watching with a camera could zoom in and notice Michelle’s facial expressions indicated that she was less than impressed, a feeling many Twitter users claimed they could relate to. The consensus among a lot of  Americans is the feeling of impending doom under a Trump presidency, and Michelle’s facial expressions validated their sense of despondency, sending the internet into a tailspin.

Every one of her grimaces and side-eyes has been turned into a plethora of GIFS and memes. Here, I’ve gathered some of best. I imagine even she and Barack would share a few laughs over these as they scrolled through social media.

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