Watch Where It All Began: Hugh Jackman’s Audition Tape For Wolverine

Hugh Jackman's Audition Tape For Wolverine

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It seems like the story of Wolverine is never-ending; every time I turn around there is another movie coming out.

Hugh Jackman has been the Wolverine for 17 years now!

But, it is finally coming to an end, with Jackman playing the tormented X-Man one last time in Logan.
Hugh Jackman's Audition Tape For Wolverine

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To commemorate, a video of Jackman’s audition for the role of his lifetime has been circulating on the internet.

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This isn’t the first time the video has surfaced—it showed up about 7 years ago so you may have already seen it. It shows Jackman in the 90’s, before he was a household name, reading lines from various scenes in the original 2000 X-Men script.

Then, he was a stage actor with few credits. Now, with 9 X-Men movies under his belt, he has become one of the world’s most recognized actors (and man that women swoon over every time he goes all Wolverine.)

Hugh Jackman's Audition Tape For Wolverine

Photo: TV Guide

Apparently, he had no idea whether or not he had won the role. It’s pretty cool to look back and think about how he had no idea what was to come!

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