Starting The New Year Off Right: Hollywood Sign Now Reads “Hollyweed”

Hollywood Sign Now Reads "Hollyweed"

Photo: Sky News

Welcome to Hollyweed!

The famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles has been changed by a prankster to read “Hollyweed.” Doesn’t seem like a bad way to start the New Year! Especially when one of the tarps used to alter the sign is decorated with a peace sign and the other has a heart. At least somebody is trying to start the New Year off with laughter, peace and love. Spread the good vibes!

The culprit can be seen on security footage around 3a.m. climbing Mount Lee, hauling four large tarps with him, and then up the ladders of the sign to change the O’s to E’s.

He was dressed in all black, tactical-style gear. The police have no leads. It’s pretty impressive that he wasn’t caught; if he was he’d only be facing a misdemeanor for trespassing since no damage was done to the sign.

Sgt. Guy Juneau of the Los Angeles Police Department told the L.A.Times that it was likely a New Year’s Eve prank, or the work of a “thrill seeker.”

Some residents of L.A. are saying that the stunt is a reflection of California’s recent vote to legalize marijuana.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood sign has been subject to the whims of pranksters, nor is it the first time the sign was changed to read “Hollyweed.”

Hollywood Sign Now Reads "Hollyweed"

Photo: L.A. Times

On New Year’s Day of 1976, the sign was changed to “Hollyweed” by Cal State Northridge student Daniel Finegood using $50 in curtains. His motivation was for a project for his art class—an assignment on working with scale for which he received an A.

Finegood could very well be the latest mischief-maker’s muse.

The incident has obviously been a hit across social media:


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