Brace Yourselves! A Gossip Girl-esque Show Is Coming!

Gossip Girl-esque Show

Photo: Her Campus

Who didn’t love Gossip Girl? Even if you won’t admit it, I’m willing to bet you were secretly addicted to it. It was just so deliciously fixating. We all wanted to live life like Serena can der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, if even for a second just to see what it’s like to be bathing in Dom Perignon. So naturally we mourned when the series came to an end in 2013.

But GG lovers can rejoice: a new show called Prep is in the works.


Based on the 2005 Random House novel by Curtis Sittenfield, HBO just acquired rights to the coming-of-age story about a Midwestern girl making her way through New England boarding school.

The New York Times named it one of the top 5 works of fiction in 2005. The show will be written and produced by Colleen McGuinness, who also wrote and produced 30 Rock, as well as by Game of Thrones’ executive producer, Carolyn Strauss.

A combination of funny quips, quick wit, and scathing battles in the courtyard. Can’t wait!


Gossip Girl.

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