Girlfriend Orders Half A Ton Of Chicken, Much To Her Boyfriend’s Dismay

Jen Davies—unfortunately dubbed “Britain’s stupidest female,” is the subject of her fiance Brad Holmes’ internet prank videos, in which he often humiliates her.

He has been the under fire for some of his pranks—such as putting chilli on one of her tampons and another time packing his bags and telling her he was leaving her because he met someone else.

And while he does appear to be rather critical and harsh, I’m inclined to believe that this is probably all for show (if it isn’t, well, that’s a problem on it’s own), and that Davies is likely in on it all, playing the part of “dumb girlfriend.” Afterall, she has to agree to having these videos of her posted, right?

In this video she accidentally orders half a ton of chicken fillets costing almost $2500 U.S., insisting to have only order 5 kilos for £19.99 (about $25 U.S.) It’s pretty obvious what the mistake was, but the resulting argument is f*cking hilarious:

“You’re an absolute doughnut.”

Filing that into my list of insults for later lol.

Video: Anabia Shah Via YouTube


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