Beauty Blogger Puts Garlic On Her Face To Get Rid Of Pimples!

Get Rid Of Pimples

Photo: Self

I’ve heard of at-home remedies, but I’ve never seen anything like what this beauty blogger does.

Farah Dhukai has a genius solution to several beauty woes us ladies can all relate to: pimples, weak hair, dull skin, and dark underarms, to name a few.

Who knew that garlic is a fast-acting remedy against pimples? Or that honey and charcoal get rid of dark underarms? Kinda makes you wonder why we spend all this money on expensive products when the most effective ones are in our pantry (or at your nearest health food store.)

Dhukai isn’t afraid to get a little dirty, that’s for sure! Check out the video below for a condensed version of several of her DIY beauty treatments, and be sure to check out her Instagram for more!


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