Floyd Mayweather’s 40th Birthday Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Party

Floyd Mayweather's 40th Birthday

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Most of us have some kind of celebration on our birthday, depending on your mood and/or your cash flow.

But let me tell you, Floyd “Money” Mayweather isn’t like you or I; the boxing champion has the privilege of having the time and money to do anything he wants now that he’s retired and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to worry too much about the Conor McGregor situation much this week as he prepares to celebrate his 40th birthday.

According to ESPN, Mayweather is going to take a few days off—four, infact—to take it all in. Yup. He’s going to have four separate events, one for each decade of his life. Floyd is known for his lavish lifestyle. He’s never been one to hide his wealth, he prefers to flaunt it so I’m sure this birthday is going to be one he, or anyone lucky enough to tag along, will never forget.

It all begins Thursday night with a dinner in collaboration with Hollywood Unlocked and Louis the 13th, which is probably the slowest night of the four. Friday evening he will be ringside as his company Mayweather Promotions hosts the ShoBox: The Next Generation.

Saturday evening will be the big one as he hosts an Oscar-style gala which will of course have all of your favourite celebs from Justin Bieber to Mariah Carey. The black tie affair will have an open bar and live entertainment.

On Sunday, Floyd wraps up his four day escapade with a roller-skating party to work off that night spent at the open bar.

“Being surrounded by my family and friends for my birthday weekend reminds me never to take anything for granted in life,” Mayweather said.

“This is exactly how I want to celebrate my 40th birthday. I use each year as an opportunity to grow and with this big milestone, I’m even more grateful for everyone who showed me the way and made me the man I am today.”

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