Finally, McDonald’s Will Deliver in 2017!

Big Mac lovers, drunk university kids, and anyone with the munchies at 3 a.m. can bask in the joy that, beginning in January 2017, McDonald’s will begin testing a delivery service.

I think we can all agree that it’s about f*cking time.

There is only one problem, however: The fast-food chain will only be offering the service to 200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami as a test run. McDonald’s will then use feedback from the Florida customers to decide whether or not they will expand the service.

In the meantime, those lucky bastards down South can order their McNuggets and have them delivered to their door via the UberEATS app or website, which now serves 50 cities across the world.

It’s the same idea as the Uber driver service, where customers can track the delivery’s progress. Picture a group of inebriated students huddled over their phones anxiously waiting on their fries. We’ve all been there in some shape or form, except instead of hovering over our phones we were waiting in what seemed like the longest line ever after leaving the bar. Or trying to bribe a cab driver to takes us through the drive-thru. Or building a cardboard box car like the one pictured below when we couldn’t order inside.

McDonald’s delivering will definitely be a blessing, as I’m sure it will cut back on the amount of DUI’s. Bad joke? Seriously though, alcohol and McDonald’s go hand-in-hand. How many times have you had a few drinks, then someone mentions how delicious four McDoubles would be right now, and suddenly your mouth is watering and it won’t go away? And you nor anyone else can drive, and you’re cursing that MOFO who mentioned McDoubles in the first place?

Every. Time.

So let’s hope this test run works fast so we can all enjoy McDonald’s being delivered to our front door. Or backdoor. Or the basement window at 2 a.m. Whatever works.

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