Finally Goodbye To The Selfie Stick?

I don’t know how you feel about selfie sticks, but this new pocket drone, AirSefie, seems like it may just be the next big thing, considering you don’t have to lug around some big stick and look like a crazy person. Sure seems like a great innovation. This is a project in-the-works, so to help it come to fruition check out the website here.

Take a look at the video below and let us know how it compares.

With AirSelfie, users can:

-Take group selfies and family photos from up to 66 feet away, capturing both people and panoramas.

-Take indoor and outdoor aerial photos of subjects and locations that would otherwise be unreachable (i.e. monuments and stadiums during sporting events)

-Take videos from perspectives that were formerly impossible

-Use the device as a monitoring camera (when the device is not flying and is connected to a power source)

-Use the video as a work tool (for example, time-lapse shots of company event setups)

Video: Arman Azimifar Via YouTube

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