Easter Treats Too Cute Too Eat. Maybe.

Easter is this weekend and if you are celebrating then you are most likely on the hunt (pun intended) for some delicious Easter treats to serve up to your family. Especially for the kids.

Here are 10 Easter treats that just might be too cute to eat. Or not if you have a sweet tooth.

1. Chick Suprise-Inside Cupcakes

Cupcakes that have a surprise mini eggs inside! Kids love Kinder Surprises, so they’ll love a treat that gives them ANOTHER treat. Recipe on bettycrocker.com.

2. No Bake Chex Nests

These had me at “no bake.” Also, they require only 4 ingredients. Easy-peasy. Found on bettycrocker.com.

3. Bunny Bum Cake

Seriously, this is too cute. Bake up this lil’ bunny bum that will surely inspire some giggles. Bettycrocker.com (seriously, there’s a lot of cute shit on here.)

4. Easter Bunny Racers

Vroom vvroom! These might be too cute to eat, but not too cute to play with! Recipe on food.com.

Easter Treats

Photo: Food

5. Peeps Skillet S’mores

This one isn’t cute so much as it is pretty! Get it on delish.com.

Easter Treats

Photo: Delish

6. Vodka-Infused Peeps

Soo this one might not be kid-friendly (or maybe it is, depending on what kind of parent you are), but nevertheless you should have a treat for the adults as well. Serving with shots optional, but most likely necessary with sugar-hyped kids running around. Another delish.com find.

Easter Treats

Photo: Delish

7. Unicorn Bark

Bark is always a crowd-pleaser, but with this magical twist it’s even better! Follow super-easy instructions on countryliving.com.

8. Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies

You might feel bad eating these little guys, but the sweet lemony taste is hard to pass up! Make ’em on thegoldlininggirl.com.

9. Flower Pot Hummus Dip

I know, I know. Where’s the sugar? But if you wanna try to get the kids to eat a vegetable instead of all this sugary crap, this might make it easier. Get this genius idea on potterybarnkids.com.

Easter Treats

Photo: Pinterest

10. Carrot Cheese Ball

Here’s another semi-healthy treat. You might need a break from all the toothache-causing sweets, so give this savory snack a try. Go to yummyhealthyeasy.com to learn how to whip it up.

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