This Dutch Video On Trump Is Going Viral Because…It’s Great. It’s True.

In response to Donald Trump’s inauguration speech last week, the satire news show Zondag met Lubach  created this video—it’s great, it really is—to introduce Trump to the Netherlands because they realize it’s better when we all get along, in spite of Trump stressing that it’s only going to be “America first” from here on.

They made it in such a way as to appeal to Trump:

“We built an entire ocean, okay, an entire ocean between us and Mexico.”

“Nobody builds oceans better than we do, ” says a voiceover narration mimicking Trump’s speech.

“And we made the Mexicans pay for it. It’s true.”

Needless to say, the video is funny AF. Just watch it. It’s great. You’ll see.

Video: vpro zondag met lubach Via YouTube


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