“Drunk Don Lemon:” News Anchor Gets Wasted On Live New Years Eve Show

We hope everyone had a great New Years. I’m sure most of us brought in the New Year by drinking a little too much with friends or family. Some of you probably even made an ass of yourselves, but I bet it wasn’t on live television. Or while you were working.

Let’s all take notes on how NOT to act while on the job.

Don Lemon, a host on CNN, provides us with a prime example. While co-hosting the countdown in New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin, he found a way to spice things up by getting as lit as the people he was covering.



As he took tequila shot after tequila shot, he got progressively drunker as the show went on, prompting social media to blow up with #drunkdonlemon for the second year in a row.


To top it all off, he got his ear pierced for absolutely no reason, other than to provide us all with some quality entertainment, on live television.

Video: LiveStreamTVNews Via YouTube

So if you’ve ever done something stupid at work it’s okay because this gentleman just one-upped you on a major network in front of millions of viewers.

At the same time we love him for it.

He made the countdown interesting and fun to watch, rather than the same old stuff we see from year to year.

Even if he does lose his job…which he probably won’t, because we couldn’t get enough!


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