Meanwhile, In Canada: Driver Narrowly Avoids Small Herd Of Moose

Coming across moose while driving is always a little intimidating, especially in snowy weather. Those suckers are massive, and can potentially do irreparable damage to your vehicle, or you know, kill you.

And encountering just one is daunting enough; imagine a small herd of them!

Driving along Highway 631 in Hornpayne, northern Ontario, James Levesque had quite the close encounter when he came upon 6 moose trotting along the highway, four of which were caught on his dashcam smack dab in the centre of the road.

He tried to slow down, but the roads were too slippery to come to a complete, safe stop so he let off the break and carefully steered his way between the animals.

Thankfully, neither he nor the moose were injured, but it was still quite the experience!

Video: The Weather Network Via YouTube

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