The Internet Is Swooning Over These Dreamy Pics Of Young Justin Trudeau

Pics Of Young Justin Trudeau

Photo: Narcity

Ok, I’m just going to blatantly say it: we Canadians have a hot Prime Minister. I mean, super hot. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t agree.

Last week, a photo surfaced on the ‘net of Justin Trudeau’s bum that had us all gaping at our computer screens.

Well, that must have triggered people to start Googling more images of the 23rd PM to satisfy their lust because now Twitter is losing it’s shit over all these photos of him when he was young.

And for good reason.

But before I spend the rest of this post objectifying Trudeau, let me just say that he has many other admirable qualities and accomplishments worth mentioning as well.


Since being Prime Minister of Canada since 2015, he created a diverse and gender-balanced cabinet, with 15 men and 15 women, which includes a refugee, immigrants, Sikhs, Muslims, disabled people, and aboriginals.

He has supported transgender rights and put forth motion to protect them (in fact, he supports the rights of everyone); he is a self-proclaimed feminist; he welcomes Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn homes; he launched a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women; and he is seeking to legalize marijuana.

And this is only a fraction of the good he has done. He’s not perfect—nobody is—but I think he’s done more good than bad.

Trudeau, with his handsomeness and progressive views and policies, is a rockstar to Millennials.


Which leads me back to these dreamy pics of a young Trudeau that people are freaking out over, where he kinda looks like a hybrid of Elvis, Joe Nichols and Richard Gere—some even comparing him to a Disney prince. Everyone is mostly making jokes about how he could treat them like shit and they’d still be at his beck and call (and we’ve all been there.)

Yup. My keyboard is covered in drool.

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