Donald Trump Makes Up Terrorist Attack In Sweden

Terrorist Attack In Sweden

Photo: Slate

During rally speech in Melbourne, Florida, President Donald Trump appeared to have invented a terrorist attack in Sweden, causing not only alot of confusing but anger as well. It seems that he’s grasping for straws to support his executive order banning travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries by simply making shit up.

During his speech, in which he also attacked the press for criticizing his travel ban, and asserted that he would be replacing Obamacare, he spoke about migration in Europe and the increasing need for protection because of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Nice and Paris. He then inexplicably added Sweden to that list.

“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.”


Many people were left scratching their heads, especially those residing in Sweden:


A local newspaper printed a list of events that had taken place, non of which were terrorist related, and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson said that the government wasn’t aware of any “terror-linked major incidents.” Axelsson also told The Associated Press that the Swedish Embassy in Washington contacted the State Department on Sunday requesting clarification of Trump’s remarks and was waiting for an answer.

Apparently, Trump got his info from a segment on Fox News about immigration in Sweden. An interview with documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz aired on Friday night, in which Horowitz claimed that the crime rates in Sweden had risen since taking in refugees.


Perhaps Trump should be sure of his facts and speak a little more clearly and carefully in order to avoid causing such a stir. Although, judging by the above clip of the speech, it doesn’t look like he misspoke but rather deliberately said what he said for his own benefit. What do you think?

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