DJ Khaled Teaches His Own Class At Harvard!

DJ Khaled Teaches Class At Harvard

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Imagine this: your’re sitting in your classroom at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious schools in North America, waiting for your enrolment class to begin and who strolls in? None other then DJ Khaled, Snapchatting the whole thing of course. Because what else do rap moguls do in their spare time?



Khaled was a guest speaker at the Ivy League school as part of the Get Schooled on Snapchat College Tour.

Known for his positivity, he not only spoke about students having a more accessible way to experience college campuses but also shared some life lessons and inspiring words:

“What’s so beautiful about life is that it’s an experience and I want to let people know, if you ever fall, all you have to do is just get up and keep moving forward, you know what I’m saying?” Khaled said.

“It’s about teaching the young world not to fall. Giving them the keys so they won’t fall.”

He continued to tell the students that they could do whatever it is they want to do. “If you want to be a teacher, whatever you want to do, do it. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do it. We blessed. We got life so we can accomplish anything we want to accomplish.”



Since it was college application month Khaled was there to participate in a private student-hosted event including a live interview with Anita Elberse, a professor at the Harvard Business School.

DJ Khaled stayed true to his word and stuck around afterwards to Snapchat and take pictures with visitors and students. Sounds like one hell of a time!

Check out the video of his class below!


Video: OGOWA Via YouTube

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