DIY Christmas Gifts For When You’re Broke AF

Christmas is suppose to be a time filled with happiness and celebration shared with friends and family. But, for most of us, it can get pretty damn stressful real fast, especially if you’re scrambling to make ends meet. And while most human beings with a heart would agree that gift-giving isn’t the point of Christmas nor is it necessary, you still can’t help but feel like sh*t when you can’t afford to buy presents for everyone you care about (thank you, societal pressure). No one wants to be the person at a gathering sitting there empty-handed and having to explain the negative balance in your bank account. It is not a good feeling.

It sucks even more when you’re obligated to buy things for “acquaintances,” aka, people you don’t give a sh*t about. I’m just kidding. Maybe you do care about them, but they’re just not at the top of your gift-giving priority list. Especially when you’re broke.

You don’t have to spend a crapload of money to show people you care. Hell, I’ll strongly insist that you don’t have to spend any at all. Regardless, if you can’t fathom having nothing to give, here are DIY Christmas gift ideas that cover everyone on your list. If anything, since these take more time and effort, they are arguably more meaningful than simply dumping some cash into a gift card and handing that over.

1. Merry Christmas Toilet Paper by My Crews Designs

Technically this one isn’t DIY, but it absolutely can be! Sure to give dad a chuckle.



2. Painted Wood Slice Coasters by Unoriginal Mom

Good for Dads and Grandpas, or anyone who enjoys their tea or coffee but hates ring marks!


3. Reindeer Rootbeer/Beer by Life of a Modern Mom

It doesn’t get easier than this! Pretty sure everyone I know who drinks beer is getting this for Christmas. #NoShame


4. Holiday Gift Tags by All Things Thrifty

These are great for all those acquaintances—neighbors, co-workers, your significant others’ second cousin-twice-removed, etc.


5. Cozy Stuffed Slippers by Pretty Providence 

Moms and Grandma’s will adore these!


6. Bar In A Jar by Major Hoff Takes A Wife

I just love this! All the handy little gadgets one needs for a well-run bar, booze included. Great for anyone who likes to keep a corkscrew or a bottle opener nearby at all times. You know, for “emergencies.”


7. DIY Manicure in a Jar by Cupkake In Pumps

For all the ladies, because we can never have too much nail polish.


8. Homemade Coffee Scrub by A Pumpkin and a Princess

Combats stretch marks and cellulite; ironically sounds good enough to eat itself. Another great idea for the ladies.


9. All-Purpose Spice Rub by PopSugar

For the foodie on your list. This spice rub is super easy to make and pairs perfectly with anything—veggies, chicken, fish, even ramen, the broke person’s staple food.

DIY Christmas gifts

Photo: PopSugar


10. Twig Votive Candle Holders by Freutcake

This wouldn’t be a DIY post without some candles. A classic that everyone loves. These ones are perfect for those who like a rustic touch.

DIY Christmas gifts

Photo: Freutcake


11. Homemade Dog Treats by Wholefully

For those who love to spoil their dog! Sidenote: Also edible to humans.

DIY Christmas gifts

Photo: Wholefully


12. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments by Sprinkle Some Fun

Ideal for kids, but if you want to make more adult-friendly, attach a mini bottle of Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Southern Comfort.


Basically, with DIY gifts, it comes down to food, booze, candles, and Mason Jars. Throw a combination of those things together and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive gift!

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