People Are Going Nuts Over This Dinosaur-Sized Florida Alligator Video

Dinosaur-Sized Florida Alligator Video

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A few days ago, Kim Joiner of Lakehead, Florida, uploaded this video to the Circle B Bar Reserve Facebook page of a colossal, dinosaur-sized alligator emerging from the bushes, and the Internet is going apeshit.

My first thoughts when I saw the video were that it was like something out of Jurassic Park—one of my worst nightmares—and that this beast looked too much like a freakin’ dinosaur for my comfort.

Ross, however, would be just ecstatic as ever.


The gator’s massive size and nonchalant demeanor have caused some speculation that the video isn’t real, but the woman who filmed it swears it is. Locals also attest to it’s legitimacy, saying he’s been around for years and is named “Humpback”—which is likely an attempt to make him seem less threatening.

Video: USA TODAY Via YouTube

Measuring at around 14 or 15 feet long, this beast could set a record in Florida. That is, if anyone could get close enough to measure him.

Last year, another visitor to the wildlife sanctuary shared a video of his encounter with a large gator EATING ANOTHER GATOR. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same one, because that would explain his enormity. Chomp on other gators, and you f*cking triple in size.

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