Dan Bilzerian Released His 2016 Year-In-Review Video And It’s EPIC!

Dan Bilzerian 2016 Year-In-Review

Photo: Poker VIP

Dan Bilzerian recently posted his 2016 year-in-review video to Instagram and it puts your year to shame. Well all of us really.

A year-in-review for most of us would be a video of us travelling to and from work, stuck in traffic, maybe going to a bar every couple of weekends and probably eating too much fast food.

If you don’t know who Dan Bilzerian is, you will now.

From guns to models to models with guns, this short video will show you how the king of Instagram lives day-to-day.

Fast cars, private jets, yachts and so on,  he packs more into a year than most of us could in a lifetime. Dan is definitely something else.

We salute you sir!


If you hate seeing me do well, 2017 gonna be another fucked up year for you-JH 🎼@bag_raiders

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And Some More..

It’s been fun. Song:@theweeknd

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